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Overall development of NCR region

Representation of RWAs in concerned boards/agencies engaged in civic amenities and welfare measures and empowerment of RWAs.

Promoting harmony and spirit of common brotherhood amongst the residents in NCR. and members of the Association. * Facilitating the members in availing their rights as Residents of NCR. * Safeguarding the rights and privileges of the RWAs and residents of NCR. * Promoting the community centers, sports, culture & health facilities, pollution free environment & clean / hygienic drinking water etc. for residents of NCR. * Working for better residential status and allied facilities for the residents of NCR. * Engaging in all other activities as may be required to be necessary for the attainment of aforesaid objectives. * Protecting the right of residents of NCR from monopoly services. * Securing better common facilities, such as inter-state transport, without any hindrance and obstruction In any manner, within the NCR. * Making efforts for setting up Common judicial systems for NCR. * Promoting better educational facilities in NCR. * Strengthening Panchayati Raj system and augmentation of powers to RWAs. * Promoting better coordination control and necessary reforms etc. for strengthening the law and order facilities in NCR. * Securing legal/constitutional recognition/empowerment of RWAs.

About Us

There was the planning since last many years in the mind of Mr. P.S.Jain Advocate who was the founder secretary General of Federation of Noda Residents Welfare Associations Regd. Noida, to bring the maximum likeminded residents/office bearers of the RWA associations on one plate form having the good back ground for working of RWA to improve the facilities and to resolve the problems of intrastate service like transportation, By promoting better coordination control and necessary reforms etc. for strengthening the law and order facilities , better education facilities, infrastructure for free movement and without any toll, by securing representation of RWAs in the concerned boards/agencies engaged in civic amenities and welfare measures for the residents of NCR, By securing legal/constitutional recognition/empowerment of RWAs, By promoting the community centers, sports, culture & health facilities, pollution free environment & Clean / hygienic drinking water etc. for residents, By safeguarding the rights and privileges of the RWAs and residents of NCR.

On discussion with large number of representatives of RWA’S and Federations from various city of NCR. It was decided to go head and call a meeting to know the views of the delegates. Keeping this view in mind a meeting was called by Mr.P. S. Jain on 3rd march in NSCI CLUB Delhi and large number of delegates from various city of NCR ware present. The brief of the meeting is as under.

After briefing the object of the meeting by P S Jain the various delegates share the views and Col. T.P.Tyagi –Chetan Sharma -Ms.Vakul Cowshik –Mr.A.S.Gulati-Mr.R.S.Rathi –Mr. Mahavir Prasad-Mr.Shri Kishan Goyal ‘Chandiwala’ -Mr. Anil Bajpai- Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh-Mr. Ilam Singh Nagar-Mr. Shahid Ahmed –Mr. T.K.Satheesan- Mr. Sushil Agarwal- Mr. Vinay Gupta-Mr. N.P.Singh expressed their views and expressed their willingness to join and Form a Confederation and welcomed the idea which was the need of hour.

Thereafter it was decided unanimously after discussion to name this organization as CONFEDERATION OF NCR RESIDENTS WELFARE ASSOCIATIONS.

Thereafter Mr. N.P. Singh suggested that this house should elect its President along with a Convener and a General Secretary for smooth functioning. He proposed the name of Mr. P.S. Jain for President who had the vision and had worked for this cause for last several years and interacted with several representatives of RWA’S and Federations from various city of NCR which was seconded by Col. T.P. Tyagi /Mr. A.S. Gulati/Mr. I.S. Nagar/ Mr. R. S. Rathee, Mr.Anil bajpai, Ms.Vakul Cowshik and finally the name of Mr. P.S. Jain for President was unanimously adopted. All present greeted the new elected President Mr. P.S.Jain. Mr. N.P. Singh proposed the name of Col. T.P. Tyagi as convener which was seconded by Mr. Vinay Gupta/Sher Singh Bhati and house unanimously elected Col. T.P. Tyagi as Convener. Mr.N.P.Singh proposed the name of Mr. Chetan Sharma as General Secretary which was seconded by Mr. Anil Bajpai/Mr.Shahid ahmed/Mr.Sanjay K Singh and house unanimously elected him as the General Secretary.

Members wanted that in the new body all stakeholders should be given proper representation.

President P.S.Jain in his presidential address assured the house that he will ensure that proper representation will be given to all.

Know Your President

Mr. P. S. Jain is an eminent Tax Advocate and Social Activist who formed Resident Welfare Association (Regd.) Sector 27, Noida in 1995 and served as Founder General Secretary for more than 5 years. He also formed Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Associations (Regd.) Noida in 2001 to give a platform to small RWA’s to raise their joint voice before the civic authorities. He served as Founder Secretary General for 7 years. Mr. P. S. Jain had been planning to bring maximum likeminded residents and office bearers of RWA’s and Federations of NCR under one roof with an objective of empowerment of RWAs, improvement of facilities, planning of better infrastructure in NCR. He called a meeting on 3rd March ,2013 at NSCI Club Delhi and constituted the Confederation of NCR Residents Welfare Associations (Regd.) (CONRWA). He became the Founder President unanimously.

He also formed Gautam Budh Nagar Bar Association (Regd). on 31st July 1997, an exclusive for Advocates practicing in Taxation. He was also a Member of UP Government High Power Committee “UP Trade Tax Advisory Committee” for many years. He also gave a platform to Guardians of Students in form of District Student Guardians Association (Regd.) and served as Founder President of the same for many years.

He is also a life time member of other Social Associations as such Agarwal Mitra Mandal, Jain Samaj, etc. and has served as Executive, Election Officer many times. He also served as a legal Advisor to few Vypar Mandals.

Know Your General Secretary

Renowned seasoned and crusader for Social causes Mr. Chetan Sharma is a multi faceted person. Mr. Sharma is a senior journalist and in import business for more than three decades. He is also the Chairman of GKII Complex RWAs. His contribution in Social field got him special recognition. He was appointed as CITIZEN WARDEN and CITIZEN TRAFFIC WARDEN by LT.GOVERNOR Delhi. Mr. Sharma is the recipient of VISHIST SAMPADAK Award by DELHI STATE Hindi Academy honored by Dr. KARAN SINGH. He has also served as ARBITRATOR by REISTRER COOPERATIVE SOCITIES Delhi. He has also been member Executive Committee FICCI and Member Governing Board INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION. Mr. Sharma is Convener of RESIDENTS WARD COMMITTEE 189.

Mr. Chetan Sharma graduated from Delhi University in ECONOMICS (Hons.) and is a diploma holder in Russian Language with distinction. A class extempore orator. Renowned Columnist with Times of India group and also Bureau chief Punjab Kesari South Delhi Mr. Chetan Sharma is the OWNER/CHIEF EDITOR : GK NEWS a monthly magazine. Served as a member with UTTIPEC an apex body chaired by Lt. Governor for clearance of all traffic and infrastructure projects in Delhi. Founder Gen. Secretary of : the CREATIVES( Regd)- YOUNG JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION(Regd.)-DELHI MERCANTILE COOPERATIVE URBAN T/C SOCIETY (Regd.). Now serving as Founder Gen. Secretary CONFEDERATION OF NCR RESIDENTS WELFARE ASSOCIATOPNS (Regd.) popularly known as CONRWA.